Security Shed, secure shed, Secure sheds

Concrete Sheds. Safe, Sound and Secure. The high security sheds packed with security features.

The Most Secure Garden Building You Can Buy


1. Steel reinforcing Grid
    Prevents entry from above
    6mm diameter, 200mm squares

2. High strength uPVC roof Learn More

3. Premium Fort Knox High Security door
    Double-Skin 50mm depth Double-point
    locking, 4 bolt system.
   External fixed handle for security with
   key opening facility (Premium Fort Knox
   doors can be left or right hand hung
   Learn more

4. Bolted to Base

5. All SecuraSheds fitted with 2x Vibration
    sensitive Alarms (90dB each) Learn more

6. Steel reinforcing mesh fitted with
    concrete panels in a range of four stone
    finishes Reinforced Concrete Panels

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